eleanor-calders-closet: I'm starting to think the "people" sending hate are a) the same person & are just enjoying hating anonymously, and b) are probably just jealous of your girl's blog.

Sigh, it doesn’t even affect me at all. I’m literally sitting here laughing!- Heidiee.

Anonymous: Can you do us all a favor and delete your blog? Thanks bye :) xx

Anonymous: "one direction's 15 minutes of fame" ik this is just a saying but plz they've been goin on 4 years straight u can't just say they had "15 minutes of fame"
Anonymous: Honestly What the hell?! No one cares about your oppinion on sophiam 'he's always grabing her and holding her' like their dating dont you get that of course their gonna love on eachother you making a big deal out of it. It's not like they fuck eachother on stage so please, calm your tits... :/ No one cares. Leave.
Anonymous: Do you copy and paste the confessions? If not, I must say your grammar is horrible. Edit and spellcheck helps a lot either way. I read one confession in which 'there/they're/their' was used wrong completely.

We do copy and paste the confessions. - Heidiee.

Anonymous: Response: you're not the only one who liked UAN. It was a cute album. Their newer ones are better if course.
Anonymous: What is even the point of your blog? It's just shitty, pointless hate. You guys are dicks. Get a life and go outside it might do you some good.

Anonymous: You're blog fucking sucks.

Anonymous: I know you guys don't post these yourselves, but seriously, why even post these shitty opinions?

They’re “shitty” opinions, because they’re “unpopular.” - Heidiee.

Anonymous: Hey ever thought that no one gives a fuck about your shitty opinions? And lol sorry that Liam has a girlfriend. Sorry it couldn't be you, a twelve year old behind a screen. They actually have lives outside of the fame, which doesn't involve you, so get over yourself and suck it up buttercup, kay? You're an incompetent asshole who needs to stfu. If it bothers you that Liam has a girlfriend then gtfo lol literally no one cares what you have to say. But don't hate on them.