Send in opinions/questions :) - Lauren xx
Anonymous: reponse: so posing with a dead animal is not okay but eating it is? lmfao.


Anonymous: If eleanor is your favourite and you are starting to really like sophia then what about perrie?

I really like Perrie too but it’s weird I always think of her just as an amazing singer from little mix so I always class her as that first than being a 1D girlfriend/fiancée. But she’s my favourite in little mix though :) - Lauren x

Anonymous: Did you like haylor?

Not really. Only cos I’m not a fan of Taylor - Lauren x

Anonymous: Do you think haylor was for publicity?

Nope I think they were real. Why would Taylor or Harry have needed the publicity both of them are very well known and successful so I don’t see how it could of been for pr - Lauren x

Anonymous: A lot of confessions/observations can easily be misinterpreted. It's better to just read it and move on. Obviously it's not gonna change your thoughts. No sense getting worked up.


Anonymous: nac, the girlfriends may not have ass's, but they sure as hell have a better personality than you, probably prettier too seeing as most bitter people are ugly and insecure themselves :)