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1D Unpopular Opinions
Do you think Louis is the type to be all lovey dovey in public? I personally think he is the type that is big on pda but I have no proof to why I think that even if he has been in a relationship for like 3 years now.


He is just alot more private with Eleanor now than the first year of their relationship. They have shown little bits of PDA but not that much. they are a pretty private couple.

It is completley different comparing how he is with Eleanor and how he was with Hannah on pictures of them together cos he wasn’t famous then, they were private pictures and he didn’t have to worry about people judging etc like now with Eleanor. 

So i think he is a private person - Lauren x

why do people define people because of a drink that they like to have. its the immature and stupidest thing to do.


Some people drink. Some don’t. Why judge? Who cares - Lauren x

Not a confession, more setting the record straight: Fans were upset over what Perrie said not because she called them out, but because she used over weight as an insult. She should educate herself in how offensive it is to throw around things like that just to "get back" at someone. She insulted fans who weren't even attacking her by using their weight problems to mean something gross. All in all Perrie is just a very uneducated, inconsiderate girl and has prove that multiple times.


Thats the end with the whole Perrie calling fans fat and all whatever happened with that now please - Lauren x

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